Here at Pool Deck Resurfacing San Antonio, our professionals offer a variety of options for pool decks in various conditions. As a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals, we will ensure our final product is one that lasts for decades after us. You don’t have to rip out your old concrete and replace it with a different one! We can help enhance your current concrete pool deck with professionally completed resurfacing techniques. Call now and hear about all of the things we have to offer, like:

  • Strong Warranty
  • High-Grade Materials
  • Budget-Friendly Prices
  • Unique Designs

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    Resurface or Replace?

    Stains, cracks, discolorations, chips, and wearing are all unavoidable for pool decks that are used often. Thankfully, none of these things mean you have to completely rip out your pool deck concrete and replace it with a new one. Replacing concrete pool decks is extremely expensive and oftentimes unnecessary because resurfacing can help repair most issues. What signs should you look for that mean resurfacing is the best option?

    • Spider web cracks, meaning, surface-level ones
    • Weathering
    • Sun caused discoloration
    • Pool water erosion
    • Peeling, lifting, or stains
    Pool Deck Repair

    Resurfacing Benefits and Finishes

    Resurfacing offers incredible benefits to all of our clients! There is a design, texture, and installation process for everyone and every budget. Don’t wait to call.

    stained concrete pool deck

    Stained Pool Deck Concrete

    If your pool and pool deck are areas that are highly used, staining could be the best option for a long and healthy pool deck. Not only do stained concrete pool decks retain their colors, but they also do not fade due to exposure to pool chemicals or UV-rays. Stained decks allow highly used pools an opportunity to care for a deck that requires very little to no maintenance. Our team will personalize the surface colors, textures, and safety additions dependent upon your requests. All of our installations are tailored to each of our clients.

    stamped concrete pool deck

    Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

    Luckily for you, technology has advanced tremendously, and your concrete does not have to look like a slab of concrete after a professional resurfacing job. Tired of your concrete’s appearance? Let us stamp it! Have a concrete deck that has been stamped and textured to feel like brick, cobblestone, tiles, wood, and more. Let us work with you and your budget to ensure your pool deck comes out to be exactly like you want it.

    pavers over concrete pool deck

    Pool Deck Pavers

    Pool deck pavers have become popular among homeowners because of their high level of safety, their easy installation process, and the fact that pavers are easily repaired. Clients with children, older parents and guests, and highly used pool areas benefit from our paver installations because they can be installed to be highly slip-resistant, resistant to heat absorption, resistant to wear and tear, etc. Pavers can be stamped and/or stained as well, creating the best of all worlds. There are different design opportunities and texture opportunities that will all be highly resistant to both salt and chlorine pool water.

    cool pool deck coating

    Kool Deck Pool Deck

    No one wants to walk on a residential pool deck and always fear that the heat the surface absorbed is going to be unbearable for their feet. Kool deck coatings are highly recommended for homes with children and people with delicate feet because of the incredibly cooler surface it helps to create. Kool deck coatings are also used for pool decks that are used because of their ability to help concrete surfaces resist damage caused by impact, sun exposure, or stains.

    acrylic pool deck resurfacing

    Acrylic Pool Deck Coatings

    When a concrete surface is consistently being exposed to sun rays, pool water, weather changes, and continuous use, it needs to be protected. Acrylic pool deck coatings help extend the life of all pool deck concrete surfaces because they prevent chlorine and saltwater pools from eroding the surface, they prevent cracks, they resist mold and mildew growth, and the surface stays cool to the touch! Having a concrete pool deck surface with a professionally applied acrylic coating ensures a long lifespan without repairs or replacements.

    cool deck pool paint

    Pool Deck Paint

    For our clients on strict budgets and/or clients who want a quick fix for their decks without worrying about the longevity of the pool deck, pool deck paint is a possibility. The paint will not last as long as pavers or stained concrete, but it can be a solution for several months to over a year depending on the exposure the concrete is undergoing. Pool deck paint is a great option for a quick update to cover up imperfections or simply be the finish to a resurfacing project.

    concrete pool deck

    Styles and Options

    The great thing about concrete resurfacing is that it is affordable, yes, but it is an affordable solution that lasts for decades. Our professionals can design hundreds of different surfaces for your pool deck that will enhance your pool deck surface. We will take a worn, fading, and cracked surface and turn it into a surface that is vibrant, chic, and usable. You can design your concrete completely new without having to replace it!

    pool deck resurfacing options

    Longevity & Affordability

    Weathered surfaces do not need to be ripped out! Not only is resurfacing your pool deck a smart decision for your bank account but it is also eco-friendly, quick, and much more efficient. Our resurfaced decks are done to last while also being incredibly affordable! Don’t have your entire pool deck ripped out when it can easily be resurfaced.

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