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Here at Concrete Resurfacing in San Antonio, Texas, we dedicate our company to 100% customer service and satisfaction. We offer the most affordable and long-lasting concrete repairs and solutions for all types of needs, wants, and budgets. With two decades of experience, our team is here to help you save money, rejuvenate your surface, and create a durable and appealing concrete surface.

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    Resurface or Replace?

    If you had to rip your concrete up every single time something went wrong with its function, safety, or appearance you would be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thankfully, that is not the world or the city we live in here in San Antonio because our team provides the opportunity to rejuvenate concrete surfaces through the process of concrete resurfacing. Resurfacing concrete is quicker, cheaper, eco-friendlier, and so much more affordable. Some of the common concrete surface’s clients have resurfaced include:

    • Pool decks
    • Sidewalks
    • Walkways
    • Patios
    • Garages
    • Basements
    • Commercial Properties
    • And more!
    concrete resurfacing San Antonio

    Concrete Resurfacing Benefits & More

    We provide an unlimited amount of ways to redesign, rediscover, and redefine your concrete surface through innovative resurfacing techniques and procedures.

    stamped concrete overlay
    Stamped Concrete

    One of the most beneficial design options for resurfaced concrete surfaces is a stamped concrete surface. When it comes to cracks, stains, and old surfaces, we provide the best stamped concrete finish. When you resurface an area, the final touch can be a stamped surface that resembles wood, tile, stone, or brick. Concrete, when resurfaced, does not have to resemble concrete! Don’t worry about having your concrete replaced, have us resurface and stamp it for a much more affordable and long-lasting result.

    concrete stain
    Stained Concrete

    For concrete that experiences high foot-traffic, we always suggest a professional stain because of its affordable installation and long-lasting impacts. When you have a surface that is being constantly exposed to sun, water, and pressure you need a design that will retain its beauty even during adversity. Our stained concrete surfaces use varying colors that will retain their color throughout the years. Not only will we create different effects we will also add traction to your surface to make it slip-resistant and safe for use. Stained concrete is much more practical and affordable than a complete concrete replacement.

    best concrete resurfacer
    Concrete Pavers

    Pavers are an extremely popular option for many of our clients who choose to resurface areas like pool decks and driveways because of their beauty and safety qualities. Clients with children and older parents living with them enjoy knowing that their pavers create a slip-resistant surface. Other great qualities that many of our clients enjoy is that pavers are easily installed, repaired, and replaced. Pavers are highly resistant to wear/tear, exposure damage, slippage, and staining. We can install pavers that are different in texture, color, and design, making your pavers uniquely yours.

    concrete floor resurfacing
    Renew Your Look

    For areas that are being renovated, like pool decks, basements, commercial spaces, and garages, having a resurfaced concrete surface can enhance the entire space. You don’t have to rip out aging concrete when you’re ready for an upgrade, not with us because we will help your concrete show off its youthful looks. We will change the appearance, texture, and design of your old concrete and upgrade to whatever you’re looking for by simply reusing your old concrete! Whether you’re looking for a modern or minimalist, we can completely change the atmosphere of your property.

    exterior concrete resurfacing

    We offer all of our clients an extensive palate of options for designs, textures, colors, and patterns during the resurfacing process. Our companies offer are designated to work with all types of budgets, wants, and needs. We want our clients to enjoy their experience with our team without drying out their wallets.

    concrete resurfacing near me

    One of the best things about resurfacing is the number of styles and possibilities that become available to you. Our professionals can create pure art out of a resurface concrete surface with colors, patterns, and textures, which includes staining, stamping, or pavers. We will make your concrete look like high-end stone or wood without burning a hole in your wallet. Our designs are minimal maintenance and long-lasting!

    concrete resurfacing companies
    Kool Deck Pool Deck

    The function is in the name! For your backyard pool deck resurfacing finish, we can add a pool deck coating that cools the surface, seals in the color, and protects our design from pool water chemicals and sun damage. Kool deck coatings perfect for decks and exposed patio setting that experience frequent weather exposure. Concrete alone is a porous and easily damaged surface! Add a strong coating to ensure your resurfacing design lasts for many years.

    concrete resurfacing contractors near me
    Eco-Friendly Option

    For many of our clients here in San Antonio, making eco-friendly and sustainable options for their home and business designs is very important. Reusing old concrete by simply rejuvenating the area reduces waste and chemicals that would otherwise be used and thrown away. Ripping concrete out and replacing it with new concrete increases CO2 emissions and contributes to adverse environmental outcomes. Resurface your concrete instead of completely replacing it!

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