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Pool Deck San Antonio is dedicated to ensuring your pool deck looks and feels amazing. Our professionals have been serving the San Antonio area for over three decades. There isn’t a single repair our team hasn’t seen and completed thoroughly; we offer all of our clients:

  • Affordable Rates
  • Quick Repairs
  • Strong Warranty
  • Reliable Results

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    Benefits of Professional Pool Deck Repairs?

    Usable pool decks in San Antonio are important year-round, but especially during the summer months. When your pool deck starts to show signs of aging, you don’t have to tear the surface out, we can repair the issues. Save time and money with our professionals repairing the issues you’re having! Replacing your concrete surface is not necessary because we can repair any issue you’re having quickly, affordably, and efficiently. The benefits of our professionals coming out to repair your pool deck includes but aren’t limited too:

    • Repairs are quick and affordable
    • We will enhance your deck’s look and feel
    • Repairs vs replacements are much more eco-friendly
    • We provide a variety of repairs and looks for your deck
    pool deck repair San Antonio

    Types of Pool Deck Repairs & Benefits

    There are different repairs available for all of our clients depending on their budget and what they’re looking for. Find your desired repairs with us!

    pool deck crack repair

    Crack Repairs

    There are different types of cracks that can negatively affect the look and feel of your pool deck. Large cracks create access points for weeds to grow onto your deck which feels uncomfortable, water sits in cracks which leads to mold growth and mildew. There are different ways we can repair cracks for our clients like fillers, patches, and/or joint sealants. Each repair depends on the type of crack and how large the cracks are.

    pool deck repair near me

    Spalling Repairs

    Spalling is when the materials on the concrete, like coatings and paintings, begin to flake. Flaking is not a cause for extreme repairs or replacements because our team can quickly repair and recoat the surface. Spalling areas do not look or feel good for residents using their pool deck. We can repair spalling areas with patches or overlays that are conducive to your design wants and needs.


    Discoloration/ Stain Repairs

    Stains and discoloration on pool decks are unavoidable, even if you rarely use your pool deck because UV-ray exposure, weathering, and pool water exposure are all contributing factors to discoloration patches. Heavy foot traffic, spills, and exposure all happen when you enjoy your pool and your pool deck, but we can repair it for you! We can help with discoloration and stains by pressure washing the deck, using special cleaners, and apply specific coloring agents.

    pool deck coating repair

    Sealer Failure Repair

    Having a properly sealed concrete pool deck is important because concrete is easily damaged otherwise. Concrete is highly porous and easily absorbs spills, chemicals, and other liquids that can lead to long-lasting damages, discolorations, and stains. Professionally sealed surfaces are long-lasting, resistant, smooth, heat-resistant, and so much more. We can repair sealing issues by stripping the concrete and resealing the surface.

    acrylic pool deck repair

    Slippery Concrete Repairs

    When we have children or elderly family members who enjoy our pool decks, we need to be sure the surface is slip-resistant and safe for all ages. Slippery concrete can lead to serious injuries or death, so pool decks must be made safe for everyone. We can help your pool deck become safer and usable for everyone by adding a grit additive. This additive will ensure your deck is slip-resistant even when wet.

    pool cool deck repair

    Settlement Repairs

    Sometimes concrete beneath the surface settles a bit too much so our professionals can help raise the surface by using slab jacking foam. This helps by raising the concrete back to a safe and even level. Having a professional slab jacking repair done helps our clients prevent having to rip out their concrete and replace it completely.

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    Budget and Eco-Friendly

    Having a concrete pool deck completely ripped out and replaced is an extremely expensive and long process compared to simple repairs. Our team offers affordable rates and long-lasting repairs that create minimal waste, are affordable for all budgets, and will ensure that your pool deck is usable year-round. Repairs are much more affordable than replacement! So, don’t wait, call now.

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    Variety & Materials

    Having a resurfacing job completed or a standard repair is done can lead to a completely new look for your pool deck. We can add texture, color, stamps, stains, and more to help your deck look completely different than it’s ever looked before. We offer different designs for all of our clients to ensure all budgets benefit from repairs and rejuvenating projects we complete.

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