What is the best pool deck design for having my deck resurfaced?

Our team is full of extremely skilled technicians that can all install decorative pool deck designs, repair your deck or applied specialty coatings. When choosing the best design for your pool deck it is important to take into consideration your budget, wants, needs, maintenance time and availability, etc. There isn’t one design fits all and we do not limit our clients to a one size fits all.

Can you fix concrete stains?

Adding a professional pool deck coating over discolored or soft stained areas, our professionals can help your deck look and feel completely rejuvenated. We offer high-end coatings and repairs that will remove stains and make your backyard look and feel brand new.

Why do I have to have my concrete re-sealed?

Many of our clients do not realize that sealing their concrete is not a one-time thing! Consistently re-sealing your pool deck concrete keeps your concretes pores from being infected with bacterial growth, mold, and mildew. The surface will reject stains, pool water chemicals, damage caused by sun exposure, and so much more. Keeping your pool deck concrete sealed is one of the most important processes any pool deck owner can have done.

What is concrete resurfacing?

Resurfacing concrete simply means that your old concrete will have a very thin layer of new concrete laid on top of it mixed with special agents that will assure the new layer and your old layer adhere to one another. Once the new layer dries, the new surface is much stronger and much more durable.

Is getting my pool deck resurfaced worth it or should I have it completely replaced?

One of the most common questions we have received throughout our company’s lifetime is whether or not having a pool deck resurfacing is worth it compared to just completely replacing the slab. When you compare the two processes, resurfacing or replacing, resurfacing comes out on top every day of the week because of its affordability, efficiency, and swiftness. We are dedicated to giving the best results by elongating your current pool deck's lifespan for low and affordable prices. We will completely makeover your pool deck without replacing it.

Do you guys also repair pool decks?

Along with pool deck resurfacing our teams specialize in concrete pool deck repair. Our deck technicians have decades of experience working with concrete so there isn’t anything that we can’t handle. We will work on any growing pains including stains, cracks, chips, or spalling areas. For more information about all of our repair services give our customer service team a call.

Do you repair all damages?

Our technicians have been working, repairing, replacing, and installing concrete decks and surfaces for decades, so the list of repairs we can serve you and your concrete is extensive. There are sadly limitations to even the best company in the business. Some concrete is too far gone, some stains are too deep, and some cracks are too extensive. We will come out to review and inspect your pool deck to give you the best service and quote.

Why do I need an epoxy pool deck coating?

Concrete, although strong, it can damage easily as a pool deck surface because it is constantly under exposure to changing elements. A strong professionally installed pool deck coating can protect your surface from absorbing heat, it can create a slip-resistant surface, and a strong coating can create a deck that requires minimal maintenance.

Can you guys stain my concrete deck?

Yes! We have professionals who specialize in staining concrete pool decks. The main reason why we love staining pool decks is because of its longevity after installation. Many of our clients who utilize their pool deck often but have little maintenance abilities have stained concrete surfaces.

Do I have to have my pool deck sealed more than once?

It is very important to have your concrete pool deck sealed every 3 to 5 years to ensure the concrete is thoroughly protected. Poor sealing always leads to expensive repairs and/or replacements. A properly installed sealant protects your surface from discoloration caused by sun exposure, pool water chemicals, spills, and runoff. Be sure to always stay up to date with your re-seal dates!

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