Pool Deck Resurfacing

Here in San Antonio, having a pool area that is comfortable to use and safe for friends and family to enjoy is important for all of our clients. Call us now to learn more about all of our services.



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    pool deck resurfacing San Antonio

    Pool Deck Resurfacing

    San Antonio, Texas

    With our team, you will be 100% taken care of. We offer the best services delivered by the best technicians in the area. With decades of experience, professionalism, and undeniable talent, all of our services are offered at affordable rates. With a pool deck and pool area, the deck is just as important as the pool. Strong concrete installed by professionals is eco-friendly, long-lasting, versatile, resistant, and highly durable to the natural elements of the environment.

    pool deck repair

    Call the Professionals

    Our team here in San Antonio offers all of our client's affordable services, professional technicians, and a variety of installation and repair possibilities. We are a team that is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and we will not stop until you’re satisfied. All of our services come with:

    • High-end materials
    • Quality installations
    • Long-lasting warranty
    • Unique Designs
    • And so much more!

    Our Services and Benefits

    When the time comes for repairs and replacements, call our professional team to upgrade, update, and completely change your concrete surfaces.

    cool pool deck coating

    Pool Deck Epoxy Coatings

    Preparing your backyard pool deck for the San Antonio summer sun can be a task that should be left to the professionals! Our epoxy pool deck coatings are not only extremely affordable, we are quick, efficient, and our techniques help elongate your pool decks lifespan. Our epoxy coatings increase the value and durability of your pool deck by:

    • Making your pool deck slip-resistant
    • Resisting heat absorption
    • Creating an aesthetically pleasing surface
    • Costing much less than repairs and replacements
    Pool Deck Repair

    Pool Deck Repair

    Having your pool deck repaired is a much simpler process when you catch problems early and call us immediately. Repairs, regardless of what they are, if caught early can be quick, affordable, and noninvasive! Our professionals will ensure that your repair is not noticeable and that it lasts! Common issues and repairs that we perform include:

    • Crack Repairs
    • Stain Removals
    • Chipping Concrete
    • Spalling Spots
    • Discoloration
    • And more!
    resurface pool deck


    Concrete, although incredible strong and durable, is very porous and will absorb liquids that are spilled onto it, including pool and rainwater. Uncoated concrete is the perfect breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and mildew that can build up quickly. A properly sealed surface retains its beauty longer and better. Resealing your pool deck concrete is offers benefits like:

    • Brightens colors
    • SPF for concrete
    • Reduce deterioration
    • Improves pool deck longevity
    • Resists staining
    concrete pool deck resurfacing

    Decorative Concrete Pool Deck

    Our team specializes in beautiful concrete installations. We will transform your aging, dulling, discolored, and out of date concrete pool deck into a masterpiece with our many decorative concrete design options. Concrete is the best material to use for your concrete pool deck, even decorative concrete, because:

    • The surface is much more durable than other materials.
    • Our decorative concrete installations are more affordable than other materials like wood or tile.
    • We will repair and decorate your concrete surface whereas other materials need replacement.
    9---stained concrete pool deck

    Stained Concrete

    Having a stained concrete surface guarantees designs that do not chip, fade, or peel. Staining concrete provides clients with more time to enjoy their pools and their decks instead of cleaning, maintaining, and repairing their decks. Stained concrete offers benefits like:

    • Durability because of the surfaces resistance to chipping or fading
    • Low maintenance cleans whenever required
    • The most economical outdoor decorative concrete
    • Long-term results
    pool deck crack repair

    Crack Repair

    Many of our clients take too long to report to us when they see the beginnings of cracks on their pool decks. Cracks, sadly, do not just disappear on their own and do require a professional evaluation because at home remedies can make a crack larger and much worse over time. Leaving a crack to grow will lead to expensive renovations on your pool deck! Call our team if you notice:

    • Spider Web-like lines on your surface
    • Weeds growing in between concrete
    • Chipped concrete
    • Changing concrete that leads to cracks forming

    Professional Pool Deck Resurfacing & Repairs

    Call now to learn more about all of our services.

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